Jake Moore (er_doc_jake) wrote in houserpg,
Jake Moore

Check-Up - [Adeline & Jake]

Slightly aggrivated he hadn't heard a peep from House's office, Jake made his way to Adeline's room. Without a patient hand-off, she was still his responsibility and dammit if he wasn't going to give up on any patient of his. Her symptoms ran through his head, like some demonic mnemonic; a puzzle he couldn't figure out. Nothing fit. Nothing could explain. Nothing could diagnose. Exactly why he needed a diagnostician. Well, more for Adeline's sake than his.

He wondered what the scene would be like in there once in her room, how Adeline would be. Would she be pallid, sleep-, and oxygen-deprived, or would she have a slightly better color? Would she be coughing up blood, half a lung, or had her coughing subsided by some miraculous chance? Jake had to quit wondering and just enter. The labcoat he was wearing stood for something. It acted as a barrier between getting too personally attached to patients and doctors' psyches. However--being an ER doc--Jake had never had a long-term patient. ...And, on top of that, searching for any family was proving quite difficult for some reason.

Jake shook away all those thoughts as he gently knocked on her door and pushed it slowly open, just in case she happened to be asleep. She had all ready been through so much and had quite a road ahead of her. Adeline could definitely use all the rest she could scrape together.
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