Kathryn Ward (kat_ward) wrote in houserpg,
Kathryn Ward

Lunch, anyone? [OPEN]

It was lunch time, or close enough to it anyway. The PPTH cafeteria was always crowded during the noon hour, so finding an unoccupied table was difficult. After shuffling through the food line, Kat made her way to a mostly unoccupied spot. She smiled politely at the persons on the other end of the table and sat down.

Unpacking her turkey sandwich from its wrapper, she took a few bites and then pulled out a book from her purse. She was reading ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, having never read it while growing up. A loud clatter echoed through the drone of conversations, and Kat looked up to see that someone had dropped their tray of food. There was a smattering of applause, presumably from people who knew the tray-dropper, but otherwise the cafeteria quickly returned to its normal volume. Kat opened her bag of pretzels and resumed reading her book.
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