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Auditions [Peter & Saunders]

After seeing about four bassist candidates, the Sound Check Revolution sat around waiting for the next person to show up. Saunders lounged on the couch, her long, bare legs draped over Kenny's (the guitarist) lap as he strummed a few scattered chords on his guitar. The drummer, Brent, tired from the round of auditions with how hard he drums, sat in an armchair, his head tilted back as he rested up for the next set.

Kenny stopped strumming and gently glided his guitar pick up Saunders' leg, "Seriously? Someone from the hospital is coming to audition?"

"Yeah." She smiled, "Keep doin' that. I like it."

Kenny grinned playfully, "A doctor?"

"I dunno. My guess is probably not, but who knows."

Kenny stopped all movement, save for hanging his head, "You're going to be a doctor yourself in several months--"

"Don't remind me..."

"--are you going to have time?" He looked at her, hoping the answer would be yes. There was enough drama with the Darryl situation and having to replace him. He didn't want to have to end up replacing Saunders too.

"Let's not talk about that. I don't even want t' think about that. I'm not much a planner anyway. You know that."
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Peter knocked before pushing open the door slowly. His head appeared first as he took in the room with his wide eyes. He stepped inside, guitar case and bass strapped to his back, his shoulders curving slightly under its weight. “Hey,” he chirped, spotting two... well, judges, he guessed... across the room.

He stayed by the door, bouncing on his heels. Peter knew he should walk up to them, shake their hands, be friendly and all that stuff, but it was his first band audition in... Geez! Was it really ten years??

Maybe I'm too old for this.

"I'm Pete. From Princeton-Plainsboro," he said, squinting at the leggy woman who seemed semi-familiar.
Saunders lept from her seat and Kenny sat up, watching as Saunders--with all her endless energy--bound her way towards Peter.

"'ello there. Glad y'could make it." Saunders tugged on his arm, leading him in, "Come on in. I'm Saunders, the keyboardist slash synth mistress slash co-lead singer."

"--Slash sex personified." Kenny finished, giving Saunders a joking wink when she snapped her head towards him and gave a fake pissy glare, then grinned back herself.

Chuckling, Saunders continued, " that y' know me...That jerkoff over there is Kenny, our guitarist."

Kenny waved sheepishly, but with a huge self-satisfied grin still plastered on his face.

"An' that lad sittin' all by his lonesome there is Brent, our drummer."

Not moving a single muscle, Brent gave an exhausted, "Hi."

Saunders turned back to Peter, "He's...not exactly used t' th' daylight. Anyway, come sit down. Relax. An' we'll get talkin', eh?"

Saunders led him to the couch and sat back down in between Peter and Kenny, leaning on Kenny who now had put down his guitar.

"Well, I guess th' first question's obvious--but do you have any previous experience?"
Peter held his breath as the woman practically threw him onto the sofa. He was the youngest person in the room, that was for sure. Then again, he was used to it.

He slid the bass off his arm and rested to on the floor, clutching the neck between his knees. "Experience? Well, I played with a band in college and a little while after that. I played lead then, not bass. But I've literally been playing since I was five."

Peter bent forward and unzipped a small compartment in the guitar case. He pulled out a CD. "I recorded some things last night. It's one huge wave file, so it'll play anywhere." He chuckled nervously, keeping the CD in his hand, not really offering it to anyone.

"Erm, so... what exactly are you looking for? I mean, I got: Band. Needs bass. Erm, from you... Saunders."
"Ooh!" Saunders leaned forward and snatched the CD out of Peter's hands, then flew to the stereo. "Let's give it a listen, eh?"

Kenny chuckled and shook his head. He looked at Peter, "Yeah. She's always like this. I don't know how she gets her energy."

"I think you do know." The unmoving Brent commented.

"Oh, ha ha ha ha." Kenny whapped Brent with a couch pillow.

Brent opened his eyes and nearly jumped out of his seat, "What the fuck, man?"

Kenny and Saunders burst into laughter. Brent smirked, then threw the pillow back in Kenny's face.

"An' this is us behavin' ourselves." Saunders informed puckishly. "As for what we're lookin' for, we're sorta a combination of Franz Ferdinand, Cut Copy, New Order, an' some Depeche Mode. We have a few ballads that sound o' early REM an' late-Beatles work, but not many. We're more about makin' people dance. We're also not very big lyricists, but we're open t' any lyrics and/or song ideas y' may have."
Peter shrugged, somehow calmed by the pillow fight. He felt more at ease, anyway. "Well, I'm the sort that writes the lyrics to suit the music..." He paused as Ms. Saunders placed the CD in the stereo and pushed play. He bit at his tongue as the music began to play.

It started with some simple arpeggios, a little bluesy. Then there was a break and he could be heard laughing in the background. Then he launched into "Brick House" for a minute or so, followed by "Under Pressure." Peter grinned nervously at the floor. He knew he sounded good, but it was a silly recording.

"This is what you get when I suffer from insomnia."
Saunders nodded, "Inspiration is a two-way street. Lyrics can inspire the music and music can inspire the lyrics." Saunders came back and reclaimed her spot next to Kenny. "I like th' "Under Pressure". We could use a little Queen-David Bowie-infusion as well. But as a writer, what would y' write about? Y' seem t' have the ballad-thing down cold, but would y' be able t' do dance stuff?"
The room went up and down as Peter nodded. "Yeah, I mean..."

He leaned forward and unzipped the case, pulling out his white bass guitar. He looked to the man on his right, then to Saunders. He checked the tuning. "Play something you've got in mind. I'll try to follow."
"Sounds good t' me." Saunders flew off the couch and towards the band set-up.

Kenny looked to Peter with an amused grin, "She can be quite energizing or quite wearing."

"You'd know firsthand Ken-man." Brent jabbed.

"Oh shut up and get off your lazy ass and play the drums." Kenny tugged on Brent.

"Lazy? Drumming's a fucking cardio workout." Brent got up and slinked to his drumset.

Kenny pointed to an amp, looking at Peter, "It's all set up. Just plug in your bass and you're ready to go.

Saunders played with a few synth keys on her keyboard, testing them. "We're gonna play for y' first, get a feel for it, then we'll have y' jump in. All right?" Saunders looked towards her bandmates, "Ready boys? 5, 6, 7, 8."

Brent pounded the drums, as if he hadn't been playing for hours previously. Then Saunders began her synth line, sounding like a mesh of disco and new wave. And finally, Kenny's guitar roared in, adding an element of dance rock. There wasn't much singing, as they prefer to play club-type music. People in clubs generally don't care about lyrics, just give them somethign to dance to.

The song ended on a repetitive riff. Brent wiped the sweat off his brow. Saunders placed a hand on her hip and leaned gently against her keyboard, looking at Peter, "Y'ready?"
Face to the floor, Peter shook his head to the music. He nibbled on his lip. He didn't have to look up when Saunders called his name and he fell into the beat with ease. Bass lines to dance music where never very complicated.

So he decided to juice it up a bit. Sure, he was playing more lead than base, but some people liked that.

Other than his hands, Peter never moved very much when he played. His hands, however, moved like lightning, light as a butterfly over the strings, and with direct power. His frustration, too, probably came across, and his feelings for Audrey. He didn't know what the others thought, but he was enjoying himself... and that was really all that mattered lately.
As soon as the song was finished, Saunders exchanged looks with her two bandmates, each one giving a small nod to the other. She turned back to Peter.

"You've got some passion there, eh? It's brewin' inside that quiet package o' yours. Some girls tend t' like th' broodish types. We've all ready got th' loud, obnoxious ones."

The boys gave half-amused snorts.

"An' I'm here, obviously, t' draw th' male audience." She commented half-jokingly. "All th' other bassists who auditioned are either too inexperienced or they're pompous arses who think they're God's gift t' rock an' roll. You've got a relatable quality."

"'Interpreting Bassists with Clarissa Saunders' everyone." Brent mock-announced. Kenny snorted with laughter.

Saunders chuckled herself, "But I am bein' serious. I think he's a good fit. Boys?"

Kenny and Brent looked at each other, wondering if the other agreed with him. Kenny was the first to nod, followed by Brent.

Saunders smiled at Peter, "Welcome t' Sound Check Revolution, mate."
His first reaction was to pull back his hair in surprise, but at first touch he remembered he didn't really have... any... Peter's eyes were wide enough to fall from his head. "Oh, wow! Thanks!"

He ran for Kenny first, since he was closest, taking his hand with a firm shake. "Thank you so much!" Next, he hopped over to Brent, and finally Saunders. "Thank you so much!" he repeated. He was at a loss for what else to say.

"Wow. Sorry. I'm a little excitable," he said laughing.
The band members were a little stunned at first, but then broke into chuckles. Saunders, on the other hand, chuckled right away.

"Oh no," She waved Peter off, "That's quite all right. Keep that energy. You'll need it, love. Howsabout we celebrate? Y' like Heineken?"
Peter tilted his head. He nearly opened his mouth to say he didn't drink... but... well, that wasn't really true anymore. "Of course I like Heineken." And he believed it, too.
"Wonderful!" Saunders smiled and dashed off around a corner. Soon, sounds of clinking glass sounded.

"Need any help, babe?" Kenny called across the hall.

"No--I can handle m'liquor!" She called back.

"She can drink it too." Brent snorted.

Saunders returned, with two bottles in each hand, "You're damn right." She handed one to Kenny, Brent, and then to Peter.

Everyone twisted their cap off and raised their bottle. "T' bein' a whole band again." Saunders offered, then clined glasses with everyone before taking a deep drink of her beer.