Jake Moore (er_doc_jake) wrote in houserpg,
Jake Moore

Late-Night Research [OPEN]

As soon as Jake's shift was over and he managed to finally get out of the ER, he went to the cafeteria for the open space and the tables. Getting out his laptop and turning it on, he set a small stack of thick books he checked out of the local library down next to it with a quieted grunt.

He flipped through page after page online and through the books, trying in vain to find something that might explain Adeline's condition and hopefulyl come up with a course of action. The previous three nights came up empty, why should tonight be any different?

His shoulders slumped in tiredness and his heavy eyes kept blinking themselves open. He occasionally sipped on his cold coffee--coffee he never liked to drink--hoping he'd be able to stay awake for at least a couple more hours.
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