Kathryn Ward (kat_ward) wrote in houserpg,
Kathryn Ward

But...I'm Really Not a Doctor... [OPEN]

It was after lunch, and Kat was returning to her desk after being in the cafeteria. She was dressed in black slacks and a button down shirt, covered by a suit jacket. It was perfect weather for such attire, and she felt more professional and confident as she walked down the hallway.

The Main Floor of the hospital was incredibly busy and Kat had to weave her way through the crowd of people to get to her office. It appeared that the clinic waiting room did not have enough space to hold everyone. PPTH had advertised having flu shots available so this was probably the reason for the crowd.
"Excuse me. Sorry." She said as she squeezed past people.

As she approached the outer doors to Cuddy's office, a man tapped her on the shoulder. Startled, Kat turned around with a questioning look just in time to see the man vomit blood all over the floor. Kat's face immediately turned pale and she felt her own stomach lurch. After all, witnessing somebody puke was one thing, but puking blood? Yuck!

"Help me." The man said, as he wobbled around on his legs. Kat wondered if he was going to black out.

"I'm sorry." She replied in a sheepish voice, "But I'm not a doctor..."

Obviously the commotion of somebody vomiting blood in the middle of the Clinic reception area wasn't going to be hard to miss. The nursing station had dispatched the janitorial staff and was trying to locate a doctor staffing the clinic.

"Please. Help me." The man reached out a bloody hand to Kat and attempted to grab on to her to stop himself from falling over. Instead he was successful in pulling Kat down to the floor with him. (Thankfully not into the bloody vomit!) The man had passed out, fainted, whatever, and Kat was now pinned underneath him.
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