Peter Alves (peter_its3am) wrote in houserpg,
Peter Alves

Merry Christmas

Two Tickets to see Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in The Odd Couple on Broadway.

And a note: "More to follow in the city... I Love You - Peter."
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As soon as Audrey saw it, her first reaction was a beaming smile.

Her next one: Butterflies flooding her stomach, fading her smile into a bit lip. Taking a trip together--somehow it felt like the relationship became more real; which was an exciting, yet scary thing.

Were they going too fast? How fast could they go after their breakup and then mending it by way of revealing her dark secret. ...And yet there was much she didn't know about him? Perhaps this would provide the opportunity, being in his hometown. A city from his past and seemingly a sizable part of it.