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Hello, I remember you...

Stepping up to the doors of Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital, Elliot Benson's head tilted slightly as his eyes wandered along the familiar glass that brought back so many familiar memories. He gave an exhale, running a hand through his almost non-existant hair. He gave a small sad smile about how he'd simply transferred away from here, never expecting to return. And not even saying goodbye -- something he realized he truly regretted. But he'd walked away from the countless breakdowns, the pointless angst, the craziness of things that didn't make up doctor characteristics.

To stand on his two feet finally. To finally not be constantly be supported by his friends and was something he had never wanted. He shut his eyes and gave a slight chuckle. The fact was, he'd returned temporarily. Cuddy had sent him an email requesting a consult on a particular case. And at first he had thought about refusing. He was settled in his new hopsital.

But he didn't. Because of a few things.

Some memories just couldn't be forgotten.

Pushing open the door he walked straight into Cuddy's office. And an hour later, he came out and headed to the OB-GYN department. The person who had replaced him as Department Head had been one of his students. An efficient and well deserving doctor. No grudge at all. It didn't take long to exchange greetings.

Eventually, he'd settled into his smaller, but very comfortable office. Just temporarily, he told himself. He wondered what to do first. Check the patients, visit old friends, renew old relationships? No.

He gave a slightly thoughtful smile as he reached into his pocket and took out a pack of skittles and eyed them thoughtfully. A blink. Setting them down on his desk, he got up. Time to visit his patient. Time to do doctor stuff. Time to see if Elliot had really forgotten the past.
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