[Log] Benson/McKay, good-bye UST

Real obligations. It was something that Benson had forgotten at NJ General. There just really weren't as many as there were in Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital. But either way, after being there for 3 whole days, he was getting used to the flood of paperwork. It came over him in tidings and waves and washed him over with a polite and rather comforting, cleansing feeling.

And although it had been 3 days, which could seem little to some, a lot to others, he hadn't seen anyone familiar. He wasn't avoiding them. It was just that he wasn't making an effort to search them out. After all, he'd left so abruptly and so shortly without notice and goodbyes. It was embarrassing. And maybe just wasn't right. He told himself he was just here for work, and then he'd leave again. So the idea was to just pretend to be invisible or somethingCollapse )

New York, New York -- Audrey + Peter

Every December 31st, New York City was THE place to be. The lights, the confetti, the people, the kissing, the chill in the air, and the excitement permeated across the world. And Peter arranged so that he and Audrey could be a part of it.

Not having been in the Big Apple for over a decade, Audrey had no clue what to expect. She also had no clue what their time in the city would bring them--only knew of the show that they'd see: "The Producers" with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

Now with that expected event was over, Audrey's nerves returned full-force...Collapse )

Hello, I remember you...

Stepping up to the doors of Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital, Elliot Benson's head tilted slightly as his eyes wandered along the familiar glass that brought back so many familiar memories. He gave an exhale, running a hand through his almost non-existant hair. He gave a small sad smile about how he'd simply transferred away from here, never expecting to return. And not even saying goodbye -- something he realized he truly regretted. But he'd walked away from the countless breakdowns, the pointless angst, the craziness of things that didn't make up doctor characteristics.

To stand on his two feet finally. To finally not be constantly be supported by his friends and was something he had never wanted. He shut his eyes and gave a slight chuckle. The fact was, he'd returned temporarily. Cuddy had sent him an email requesting a consult on a particular case. And at first he had thought about refusing. He was settled in his new hopsital.

But he didn't. Because of a few things.

Some memories just couldn't be forgotten.Collapse )
serious pete

A Quick Break -- Peter + Audrey

With the words to Audrey's message still readable in his mind, Peter was on his way to his "lunch break," which he'd been able to save, thanks to some Christmas cookies. It was a journey of a few minutes to Neurology. He spotted Audrey through the door to the lounge, while he was still around the corner. Her back was to him. Grinning, Peter tiptoed behind her and slipped his hands over her eyes.

"Guess who," he said, kissing the corner of her jaw.

Old Friends [ Helene + Kai ]

She wasn't really sure how long she put it off: a couple of hours... a couple of days. When Helene finally found herself at Kai's door, she was surprised she'd made it that far. And she probably only knocked because she knew it would have been childish to turn back. Immature. She was a new woman now.

Once again.

A little lonely, maybe... but surviving.

She didn't really pay attention to whether or not he responded to her knocking, so Helene knocked a second time. It would be good to talk to Kai. It was always good to talk to Kai.


Hello Again [Peter & Audrey]

After spending two weeks in Connecticut burying her late mother and helping settle her affairs, Audrey was quite tired. Not only that, but filled with regret and guilt. Spending two straight weeks with her estranged father didn't make things any better. Her normally cool-headed and soft-hearted father--ever since entering widowhood--started to show cracks in his temper. Tension built and built until they broke into shouting fits.

One thing he said that she'd never forget... "You're headed towards and early and very lonely grave."

And that was exactly why instead of heading straight to her apartment after driving five traffic-filled hours on the turnpike, she found herself walking the hallway towards Peter's...Collapse )

All in the Family (Julie/Wilson/etc.)

"I assure you, Mr. Alton, Gynecomastia is a perfectly common thing." Julie found herself saying for the fourteenth time. Richard Alton, still clinging to his newspaper and sitting next to his embarrassed looking son, looked as if he still didn't understand.
"It's just a bit of extra tissue, probably due to puberty... His body is probably just producing more estrogen right now. It will level out within the next few years. If you'd prefer to get rid of it immediately, I can refer you to a good cosmetic surgeon."

Mr. Alton blinked.
"Ok..." he replied, looking overwhelmed. Julie felt for the boy... she could only imagine how much torture he had gone through about his problem.

"Great." she said, "If you could wait here for a minute, I'll have someone bring you that information, and give me a call if you have any questions."

Her lab coat made a little 'swoosh' as she turned and left the room. The hall was crowded, but considering it was a Saturday, there was no surprise. It seemed like everyone was out injuring themselves on Friday nights, and most of them didn't have the sense to come in until late Saturday. She placed her clipboard on the nurse's station counter, and smiled as she looked out into the waiting room to see a familiar face.

Continued…Collapse )