Saunders (_saunders) wrote in houserpg,

Auditions [Peter & Saunders]

After seeing about four bassist candidates, the Sound Check Revolution sat around waiting for the next person to show up. Saunders lounged on the couch, her long, bare legs draped over Kenny's (the guitarist) lap as he strummed a few scattered chords on his guitar. The drummer, Brent, tired from the round of auditions with how hard he drums, sat in an armchair, his head tilted back as he rested up for the next set.

Kenny stopped strumming and gently glided his guitar pick up Saunders' leg, "Seriously? Someone from the hospital is coming to audition?"

"Yeah." She smiled, "Keep doin' that. I like it."

Kenny grinned playfully, "A doctor?"

"I dunno. My guess is probably not, but who knows."

Kenny stopped all movement, save for hanging his head, "You're going to be a doctor yourself in several months--"

"Don't remind me..."

"--are you going to have time?" He looked at her, hoping the answer would be yes. There was enough drama with the Darryl situation and having to replace him. He didn't want to have to end up replacing Saunders too.

"Let's not talk about that. I don't even want t' think about that. I'm not much a planner anyway. You know that."
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