Dr. Audrey Reardon (audrey_reardon) wrote in houserpg,
Dr. Audrey Reardon

Hello Again [Peter & Audrey]

After spending two weeks in Connecticut burying her late mother and helping settle her affairs, Audrey was quite tired. Not only that, but filled with regret and guilt. Spending two straight weeks with her estranged father didn't make things any better. Her normally cool-headed and soft-hearted father--ever since entering widowhood--started to show cracks in his temper. Tension built and built until they broke into shouting fits.

One thing he said that she'd never forget... "You're headed towards and early and very lonely grave."

And that was exactly why instead of heading straight to her apartment after driving five traffic-filled hours on the turnpike, she found herself walking the hallway towards Peter's.

As soon as she came face to face with the door, she stared at it, wondering what she should do, what she should say. She had an idea, but chances were excellent that she'd fumble through the words, if any would come out at all.

Minutes passed as she still stood, staring at the doorway. She started pacing her immediate area, putting a hand to her confused, cloudy head, telling herself to either knock on the door like a mature adult or walk away like a coward. Even though there was the strong fear that Peter would be completely angry with her and cordially invite her to go to hell, she still felt the need to tie up that string, no matter how painful it may be. She'd caused herself enough guilt and pain for an entire lifetime in a matter of years.

Bunching her fist and inhaling deeply, Audrey rose her fist to the door and knocked on it nervously. She then took a small step back and attempted composure as her brain spun, thinking about all the negative possibilities.
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