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Peter Alves

....because he really couldn't bring his guitar into work

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To Audrey.

My Love.

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"Someone left you something Dr. Reardon." A nurse informed, a smile twitching the corner of her lips.

Audrey looked up from a file, "Hmm?"

"Someone gave you flowers."

At first, Audrey cocked her head to the side, confused. Less than a second later, she realized--of course--it had to be Peter. A smile unconsciously snuck up on her lips. She bowed her head, fighting off a blush.

"...Would you like to...see them...??" The nurse pointed obviously with her pen to the edge of the desk where the purple and red flowers were adorning the usually drab and cluttered area.

Audrey lifted her head, smile temporarily set aside, "Oh yes. Of course." She followed the pen and saw the flowers. She strolled up to them, gently running fingers across the pretty petals until they reached an envelope. Picking it up and opening it, she spotted a few people peering over, trying to read. Audrey looked up and pressed the leter to her chest protectively, alerting them all she did not want to share. As much as she loved Peter, there were just some things you wanted to keep to yourself. After all, they had just gotten back together and there were some deep issues Audrey needed to work out still. She didn't want to jinx things.

She read the note, a small smile returned. Stuffing the letter in her labcoat pocket, she finished filling out her file, turned it in, and went off to thank Peter personally.

Entering the lab, she went to the front desk, "Can I see Peter for a second, please? Thanks." She would have went in and found him herself, but she didn't want to potentially contaminate samples.
Of course, Audrey didn't realize she was asking Maggie, who was infamous for bumping into equipment. Infamous in a lab, anyway. It never got out, because Peter always fixed whatever she broke. However, she managed to locate him without destroying anything.

"Your girlfriend's here." Maggie also had this really weird way of getting hold of personal information. Peter scowled at her for a moment, until she realized she met Audrey. Then it was Watch this. Don't break it. I'll be back.

Peter jogged to the front desk, moving agilely through the humming machines. Audrey looked cute in her lab coat. And, by her smile, he hoped she'd just gotten his flowers. He rested his hands on the desk and leaned forward. "Mmmyes, can I get something for you, Dr. Reardon?"
"Um, well, not really." Audrey cleared her throat and put on her most professional tone.

Well, hey, they were at work, after all.

"Can you spare a moment? I need to speak to you. Privately." Her eyes shifted, giving off the air of a playful smirk without actually forming one on her lips.
For two seconds, Peter thought he was actually in trouble for something. Maybe she really hated the color red. Ah... oh. Wait. No...

Peter leaned back and glanced at Maggie, who seemed to be holding her own for the time being. Chances were he could sneak away without her injuring herself. And if she did, well it would only be one more thing to fix later.

"Yeah, let me just wash my hands first." Which he did rather quickly, before stepping around the desk. His blue scrubs were nearly brilliant in the hallway lighting of PPTH. Unshaven, as usual, they were probably his most attractive aspect at the moment. "What's on your mind?"
"Follow me please." Audrey exited the lab and made her way down the hall, making sure Peter was following her.

She pushed an attending room open. It was dark, but she checked it, making sure no one was inside. Having lucked out, she flicked the light and entered. "Here. Perfect."
All through their walk down the hall, Peter's heart pounded. Some part of him was still very confused, with no idea what to expect, but he was grinning. He was being painfully obvious, and shoot! he wished he'd brought some sort of folder or something. That way, he'd at least look like he was doing work. That and the scrubs *cough* for all they were meant to protect him from in the lab, were made of astonishingly thin fabric.

They entered the attending room, and now Peter was decidedly nervous. Audrey still hadn't explained herself... maybe she was allergic to daises. Or something. Maybe the card had been too much.

He unconsciously closed the door. He wondered if he shouldn't have.
Perfect. He closed the door. Audrey sensed his confused apprehension. Perfect. The misdirection she was looking for.

Still keeping her straight face, she took a few step closer. "There's something I need to tell you." Her hands went behind his neck and her lips met his. Her fingers caressed small circles and scratched him gently.

She pulled back, "Thanks for the flowers." A small smile reappeared.
A minute earlier, and Peter wouldn't have been so sure it was possible to be both surprised and relieved at the same time. His hands found the small of her back and he leaned against the door, letting her kiss him, more so than kiss her in return. It had been so long since their last real kiss. It felt so indescribably wonderful, her coming to him... with her fears, with a kiss; just with herself.

He smiled, taking a moment just to look at her. "You're welcome." There was a strong thrill that went up his spine, beneath the edges of her fingernails... so he bent down to kiss her again. He held her there, taking a breath. He felt like he'd just opened his front door after a terrible vacation. Now, he was home. It was a shaky metaphor, but an honest one.
Oh, the fireworks that went off in her head when Peter replied with his own kiss. Her tongue went in for a rebuttal, her body pressing up against him, making his back rest against the door.

Her hands massaged the back of his shoulders, letting the friction warm up the cool fabric of his scrubs. She thought to herself how positively adorable he looked in them.

She could stay there for hours, but soon she felt something vibrating against her waist. Her lips let go of Peter as she pulled back and heard the beeping once released from the bunched fabric of their clothes.

"Damn." She cursed to herself, then looked up to Peter. "Apparently people still need doctors, huh?"
Whatever his scrubs seemed to be doing for Audrey, his lab coat was having the same effect on Peter. He felt a little bit like purring, slipping his hands beneath it, getting one layer closer to her. Of course, he didn't actually purr. At least, he hoped he didn't.

Bloody beeper. Hm, he'd picked up something from his new bandmate.

Peter sighed. "Yeah, I guess I should check back on Maggie. She might have accidentally killed herself by now. I can't leave her alone for two long." He looked down at Audrey--though to be honest, their eyes were nearly level--and sighed again. He squirmed against the door. "But I don't wanna go."
"Mmm...neither do I." Audrey's finger began stroking up and down Peter's chest, "But I imagine there are patients who don't want to die." To put it bluntly.

She kissed him again softly, "Until next time..." And another.

Leave now or you never will...

After stealing one more, she reached behind Peter, turned the handle, and gently pulled the door open. She gave one last soft glance before starting off into the hall.